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Website of the Week:

I absolutely love this site! is a website dedicated to all beautiful presentation. From water bottle labels and invites to save the dates, coasters, stamps, favors, and my personal favorite, food tags, My Own Labels guarantees beautiful accents and pops of color to wow gift recipients and guests of all kinds.

The unique labels, favors, and accessories available on My Own Labels are perfect for adding special touches to homemade goods and favors.  There are tons of categories to search through to find exactly what you are looking for like food, crafts, D.I.Y, weddings, and recipes.

I feel this site offers a little something on here for everyone.  Just for the bakers, chefs, and preserve makers alone, there is a whole section dedicated to canning! There are hanging tags, stickers, jar toppers, and a bunch of other items to help make your preserves appearance look professional and made with love.

There is an entire section dedicated to packaging as well with packaging products like wine boxes, bottle hoods, organza bags, frosted tin tie bags, bottle carriers… wait, I need to stop myself or I can just go on and on, but you get my point!

My favorite part about this website definitely has to be the “My Own Ideas” section.  In this section, My Own Labels offers recipes and D.I.Y ideas, perfect for holidays, parties, and homemade gifts.  As a huge fan of recipes and D.I.Y anything, these easy to make recipes and instructions will help inspire you to think outside the box for your favors and/or gifts, while adding that special homemade touch.

My Own Label’s makes it super easy to shop for whatever theme you choose for your event, with their “shop by color” selector. They even have an idea gallery in which offers helpful tips and ideas for favors, labels, party themes, and homemade good’s packaging.

Attention all brides to be, this part is for you! has a sister site. is dedicated to ALL things wedding! There are tons of favors, labels, and packaging, to help make your special day easy to plan for. The wedding collection’s are elegant and beautiful. There are photo place cards, address labels, envelope seals, and other products to polish your wedding’s look.

There are so many tags and labels to choose from and offer affordable prices on all their products.

These labels are not just for the uses I mentioned above.  I have also found them to be perfect for labeling items in the home, as well as personal items, and organizing.

My Own Labels offers free shipping with purchases over $50 or more and guarantee you will love your order.  There is a “get it fast, 100% guarantee” on all orders and if you are not satisfied with your order, there is a 30 day window for you to contact them and let them know!  They will either provide you with a spelling correction, re-prints, or your money back.

Don’t just take my word for it, you have to see this site for yourself! Check out for more information and reviews.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter for recipes, updates, and more by clicking here!  They even have beautiful Pinterest boards!

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Happy planning!

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Fab Find: Martha Stewart Home Office w/ Avery Chalk Board Labels

I could have easily bought everything in Staples the day I found this item, but i had to restrain myself. Today’s Fab Find comes to us from Martha Stewart and Avery.

These 2 brands teamed up together like something out of The Avengers and came out with a home office line.  The line has so many Fab Find worthy products, but I found one item that was so cool that I had to share.

Introducing, The Martha Stewart w/ Avery’s Chalk Board Labels. The labels are such a fun way to jazz up some of your containers, drawers, and organizers. This is such a unique way of labeling!

(Chalk Board Labels, $4.99; Chalk, $2.99) Chalk is erasable *not permanent*, labels are reusable, but should not be removed and placed on another item more than once.









Martha and Avery come out with cool stuff all the time, i wonder what they’ll think of next!  For more info on this line and other Martha Stewart & Avery products, check out  Follow Martha and Avery on Twitter @MarthaStewart and @AveryProducts.

Have you tried any of Martha and Avery’s home office line?  Feel free to comment below!

Happy Labeling!

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Tips For An Easy Move!

Easy Move


Tips For An Easy Move!


Start planning early.  As soon as you decide you want to relocate, that is the time you should begin planning the move.  Start by finding a new place to live.  Once your new home is chosen, begin shopping around for moving companies and specials as well as storage units (if needed) and packing supplies.

Get insurance.  For a long-commute-move hours away, look into purchasing moving or “relocation” insurance.  This will cover your items on the road if ever the event of something being  damaged, lost or stolen.


Consider a green move.  Instead of using cardboard boxes and plastic bubble wrap, consider using reusable storage bins, suitcases, book bags and hampers for packing while wrapping breakable items in thick towels and sweatshirts opposed to bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts.  This not only helps the environment, but saves money in the long run.


Throw a “Packing and Moving Party”.  Invite friends and family to help you pack and move boxes with a moving party!  Play music and serve pizza, chips and beverages as a thank you for all their hard work and help!


Set up a “command center”.  Set up an area where you can work out of by keep all of your packing supplies.  This will help make packing faster and easier.


Reuse boxes and storage bins.  Another way of going green while moving is reusing the boxes and bins already packed.  If you are moving  into your new home little by little, take the items from the boxes and leave them in their designated area, bringing back the empty boxes to refill.


Label, label, label!  If you do not label the boxes, you will certainly have a hard time locating items you may need that have already been packed. Labeling boxes helps you when going to place each box in it’s specific room or area.  If you are using re-usable storage bins or plan to reuse your card board boxes, do not make the labels permanent for this will cause confusion.  Consider looking into chalkboard labels and chalkboard pens.  Chalkboard pens do not wipe off easily like chalk does, but does wipe away clean when purposely removing the ink.


Donate, giveaway or sell any items you are not bringing with you to your new home BEFORE the move.  Do not bring any items you do not wish into the new home, into the new home.  Relocating is a fresh start. Do not begin this new chapter in your life with items you do not wish to keep.


Pre-clean before the move. If you are not moving too far from your current home, take a trip over to the new place to pre-clean. Disinfect and wiping down all surfaces, vacuum and dust.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  “Where can the garbage and recycling go and what day is it collected?”  “Where is the best place to park?” “Do you allow pets?” These are all questions you should consider before moving into your new place.


Take photos of complicated wiring before the move.  Pictures of the way your wires were before the move can help you when reassembling your electronics.


If you are renting, take photos of the apartment or house before moving your items in.  Pictures are the best way to prove that scratches and dents were made by the previous tenants and not you.


Use snack bags for small items.  Any items that could easily get lost during this move such as earrings and screws should be placed in the snack size plastic bags and kept in a safe place.


Do not do a big grocery store run right before the move.  You should shop light right before the move to avoid having to carry extra items into your new home while moving in.


Do not pack your everyday essentials until you are ready to sleep in your new home.  The most essential items such as hygiene products and medication should be left in your old home until you are ready to live in your new home.


Don’t forget to change your address!  It is very important to change your address once you are settled into your new home. Make a list of all the companies and people you need to update your address with such as the post office,  doctor’s office, Department of Motor Vehicles, school, work and credit card companies.

Day 7: Organizing Your Paperwork and Documents

Organizing Your Paperwork

Organizing paperwork can be quite the task!  Whether the papers are right in front of you or scanned into your computer, documents of all kind should be kept in order in case of needing them at a moments notice.

There are so many different ways to get organized when it comes to filling. Depending on the amount of space you have you can either separate papers into different storage boxes (or document folders) per person or use one big filling cabinet system for the family.

No way of filing is wrong except for not filing at all.  Below are some tips and tricks to get your documents organized in a time friendly manner as we continue the 10 Days of Organization with Day 7: Filing Your Paperwork!


Shred as you go.  Don’t feel obligated to keep every paper that comes into your home. Whether via mail, your child’s school, work and so on you should only keep the essentials and toss (or shred) the rest.


Start by sorting the papers you already have.  Going back to step 1, shred what you no longer need and sort what you do and categorize accordingly.


Find a system that works for you.  Not everyone is the same.  Some may sort by company, where other’s may sort by person, then company.  No matter how you do it, make sure it is a system you understand and can remember.


Go paperless.  You can go paperless with so many companies these days.  Going paperless not only controls the paperwork clutter in your house, but also saves trees!  If you do decide to go paperless, set up a folder on your desktop for easy access to these files.


image(Hanging folders shown above: purchased from The Container Store and Staples.)



Invest in colorful, sturdy accessories. Using colorful accessories such as fun designed folders and paper clips helps you determine who each paper or folder belongs to faster. The right accessories can help inspire a person to be more organized.  Fun accessories make organizing feel less like a job and more like a fun task.


Keep your files in an easy to get to, safe place:  To avoid your paperwork from stacking up, have them accessible to you.  If you have to search or fight your way to your papers, it will make it hard for filing to become a habit.


Items worth investing in when organizing your documents:

storage bins or drawer


paper clips and a dispenser

sturdy hanging folders

a shredder

sticky notes


One of my all time favorite places to shop for all things organization are the Container Store’s Special Savings Clearance and sale items.  You’re sure to find a great deal there!)

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How do you keep you keep your paperwork and documents organized?  Feel free to comment below.  I would love to hear from you!  Happy organizing!

Day 5 (Of The 10 Days Of Organization) Organizing Your Kitchen!

We continue the 10 Days of Organization with Day 5: Organizing the Kitchen!  Although some may believe organizing the kitchen to be more of a weekend project, these tips and guidelines can help you breeze through it, no matter what day you decide to do it.


Organizing Your Kitchen1

Day 5: Organizing Your Kitchen!

Start With The Cabinets:

Match all your bowls, plates and glasses together.  Usually, I would advise you to empty all the cabinets and start with a clean slate, however, I recently did this and plates can become heavy, not to mention there’s a ton of them.  You can decide whether or not you’d like to start by emptying your cabinets or (if they are in pretty good standing),  just moving what needs to be moved.

Match the Tupperware containers to their lids. This sounded like an easy job when I first set out to tackle it, but if you are anything like me, then your  lids and containers are scattered everywhere and you are now finding out, half of them don’t even have a match!

Take the time to find each lid a “home” and discard the lids or containers you no longer have use for. (Tip: Before discarding a piece of Tupperware,  you can always check eBay to see if there is the missing piece you may need for a fraction of the cost!)  

Label, label, label!  Labeling jars, canisters and other items in your kitchen make life so much easier.  is currently offering free printable kitchen labels, to make your pantry pretty.


pretty pantry free printable labels via - love this & right before the holidays!!


Other fun labels include the home & office line that Martha Stewart and Avery teamed up to create.  Their label line including chalk board labels are not only fun to use but are very affordable.  Check out a previous post I wrote, featuring this Fab Find by clicking here!

Tackling the cleaning supply cabinet.  Go through all of your cleaning products and toss whatever has expired as these products no longer work or have weakened in strength.

Organizing your pot and pan cabinet.  People do this in several different ways.  One approach is just having a cabinet dedicated to pots and pans with a separate cabinet for lids, while others try to keep the pots, pans and lids together. features great pot and pans organizers as well as other great kitchen organizing tools at affordable prices.

Cleaning out the pantry.  Keep your food items separate from your condiments. Lining your cans up are the fastest way to make your pantry look neatly organized.  Check all labels for expiration dates.  If something in your pantry looks skeptical, do as my father says “when in doubt, throw it out”.

To see some of my favorite picks for kitchen organization items, previously mentioned in this post, check out the widget on A Lot on Your Plate’s main page, to the right!

Organizing The Kitchen Drawers.

Clean out the drawers completely.  It is okay to allow yourself one “junk draw”. but it has to be neat!

Clean out and wipe down your utensil drawer.  I am not sure how, but somehow crumbs manage to find their way into the utensil drawer!  Make sure this clean this drawer is cleaned regularly as it is one of the most important drawers in the kitchen.  Line the drawers with paper of your choice and keep that utensil organizer clean!  (Tip: HomeGoods sells scented, gorgeous drawer liners for only $3.99 and they are totally worth it!)

Cleaning The Counter Tops

When it comes to counter tops, less is more.  If HGTV has taught me anything, its that when it comes to counters and space, less is definitely more.  Only if you can, try to minimize the amount of hardware on your counter top to not only give you extra work space, but to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Disinfect your counter top surface before shining it.  Surface shiners such as Windex do not actually disinfect the surface, just shines it.  Be sure to disinfect with either a wipe or spray first.

Organizing Your Fridge and Freezer.

Clean out the inside of the refrigerator.  This is pretty simple, check the labels and toss the old.   Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator with disinfectant wipes or spray.  Make sure whatever you use to disinfect is not toxic.

Repeat this step with the freezer. Anything has the potential to leak when its not fully frozen, for example, my son’s ice pops.  Place all potentially melting items in a Ziploc bag to prevent dripping and getting the freezer sticky (once a sticky item freezes in the freezer, it is even tougher to get clean!)

Clean the outside  of the refrigerator: Wipe down the refrigerator’s surface with disinfectant wipes.  A great way to stay on top of things and get better organized is to have a magnetic dry erase board, markers and some magnets handy just in case.

Labeling and avoiding the waste of food (works great for both the refrigerator and the freezer).  You can create your own labels as well.  Some items (for example, shredded cheese), says the sell by date could be a year from now, but the product is only good after 5 days of opening.  Create your own label with the date you opened the perishable items as an extra reminder of when to use them by.

(Fun random tip: is currently offering a free printable measurement converter. Magnet and laminant not included, but available at BJ’s, Staples or Target.)



Organization accessories worth investing in:

A Dry Erase Board. Brands like Martha Stewart have come up with Dry Erase Magnetic Label Boards for the fridge so you can jot down what is on the menu for the upcoming week.  Plan the week ahead.  this helps with the grocery budget as well as takes the guess work out of meals.  If you don’t want to purchase a board, Pinterest has tons of DIY Menu boards you can check out. Click here to check out one of A Lot on Your Plate’s previous posts “Making The Most Out Of Your Next Shopping Trip”.

A hanging calender. In this house, the kitchen is a key prep area when getting ready to start the day.  Making breakfast to packing lunches, the calender is always staged in an area where I am bound to look, there to give me helpful reminders that I may have forgotten about during the hustle and bustle.

Spice Rack. You can organize your spices however you’d like, but before you can do that, you need to make sure your spices are fresh.  Go through the spices and discard whatever has expired as these will no longer taste fresh and could ruin the dish you use them with.

Recipe binder or card organizer.  Keeping your recipes whether cards or on paper, helps keep them safe so you can pass these recipes down from one generation to the next.

A recycling bin.  You can find affordable recycling bins at Staples for around $3.

One of my all time favorite places to shop for all things organization Special Savings clearance and sale items.  You’re sure to find a great deal there!)

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• Stayed tuned for Day 6 of A Lot on Your Plate’s 10 Days To Organization! •


You can check out previous Days 1 – 4 here!


How do you keep you keep your bedroom organized?  Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from you!  Happy organizing!

A Lot On Your Plate’s 100th Post! (A Look Back At My Top 10 Posts)

I can’t believe I am already at 100 posts!  It feels like it was just yesterday we all started taking this journey together.  Thank you all so much for welcoming me into the WordPress community.  Your comments, like’s, and feedback have been and continue to be, truly inspiring and I cant wait to share whats in-store for A Lot On Your Plate!

Now for the fun stuff, here’s a look back at my top 10 post’s from the beginning of A Lot On Your Plate back in March of 2012.

A Lot On Your Plate’s Greatest Hits:

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… and of course, one for good luck!

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If it weren’t for you guys, A Lot On Your Plate wouldn’t be possible, so I wanted to thank each and every one of you and let you all know that you are all so appreciated. The warm reception on WordPress has been amazing and I am so grateful.

There is exciting news coming from A Lot On Your Plate this August so stay tuned!

Happy 100th post!

- J


Website of the Week: (aka Better Homes and Gardens)

Ah, yes, one of my favorite sites ever.  Better Homes and Gardens, originally a magazine,  took to the internet to bring us all that budget friendly greatness to help make our homes and gardens, better! covers everything from recipes, DIY, home and health, entertaining, menu planning, decorating, and so much more.

This website stands out because it’s all about affordable ideas whether it’s for the home, an office, a garden, or ideas for your family in general.

BHG’s $5 DIY Artwork is what really caught my eye.  They have a whole section on art DIY for under $5, that are easy on the wallet and can transform any room.

Shown Above: Admission Ticket $5 DIY Artwork

But, the DIY is not the only reason to love  Their holiday section is one of my favorites.  With simple and cost efficient in mind, Better Homes and Garden’s holiday recipes and decorating ideas are so clever and fun to do, guaranteed to wow your family and your guests.

We all know that holidays can be stressful with all the planning, the cooking, and the decor. gives you all unique ideas to make your event look like you spent forever preparing, when really you were able to get things ready in a snap.

Take this wine label below for insistence.  It’s so clever, so simple, and the best part? offers it as a download for free! is definitely one of my “go to’s” for all things family, event, holiday, garden related.  If you didn’t know about it before, im glad I can introduce it to you now!

Better Homes and Gardens is currently offering online readers a BHG magazine subscription for $5.99 for one full year, but the offer wont last so if your interested, check out it out by clicking here!

For information on Better Homes and Gardens and all the fun recipes, DIY, and other cool stuff, head to  Be sure to follow them on Twitter @HomesandGarden for updates and events.

Happy Wednesday!

- J