How To Budget and Get Organized For The Holidays!


How To Budget and

Get Organized For The Holidays!


Start shopping now.  See a great deal or sale?  Take advantage!  It is never too soon to start shopping especially when that means giving yourself more time to do things right this holiday season.


Start putting money aside.  Even if you don’t start shopping now, now is the time to start budgeting and saving your money.  Give yourself a financial cushion to help ease the pressure of holiday shopping.


Don’t feel as if you need to break the bank.  It is in fact the thought that counts.  You do not need to spend a small fortune on gifts, especially when the gift you are giving is meaningful and well thought out.  If you know that there is an item that you have your heart set on giving someone, but it is on the pricey side, start a money fund for that particular item.


Only if you can, try to use cash instead of charge for your purchases.  Paying for your purchases in cash assure you that the item is paid for and done with.  Credit cards make it easier to over spend.


Take advantage of stores that allow you to use layaway or go on payment plans.  Stores such as allow you to have the items sent to you and pay in installments, where as other stores such a Kmart and Walmart have great layaway plans that allow you to make small payments in-store a little at a time and receive your items.


Mark the calendar.  School plays, holiday parties, sale events, when to start shopping for your holiday dinners … put it all on there. Calendars are the beginning process to getting yourself organized this holiday season.


Make lists.  Lists are an excellent way to keep track of everything from what has been done to what still needs to be done as well as who to shop for, where to go, and more.   Keep the lists in a safe place that you will always remember.  Work off the same lists to avoid confusion.


Take advantage of all store rewards cards and coupons.  Almost all stores have reward cards and coupons offered to customers for extra savings. Signing up for coupons and emails will help increase your chances of being in the know of what sales and events are going on and when they are happening.


Invest in a coupon binder or folder.  Keep all your coupons together and travel with them always.  You never know when you may pop into a store and need your coupons!


Keep all your reward cards on one ring.  To avoid losing your cards or having cluttered keys, have a designated key ring with all club and reward cards. Keep them in a spot where they will be remembered and easily accessible.


Mentally prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year.  Start brainstorming what sales you would like to take advantage of by checking out and  Consider saving yourself the hassle of standing on long lines in big crowds at midnight.  More and more stores are starting to offer great deals on their merchandise online Thanksgiving day!


Set a goal of when you would hope to be finished shopping.  Goals can help motivate you as well as stay focused and work in a timely matter.  Have fun with this and challenge yourself. If you finish your holiday duties on time,  why not reward yourself with something small?


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  1. Great tips. Ok now I am gonna follow them this year :)

  2. Did I mention how much I love your blog? I don’t have to read House and Home as much now. Great tips!

  3. I buy my gifts all year long. If I see something for someone I buy it and put aside. That way I don’t spend so much money in one go AND I am not as stressed around Christmas as most of my shopping is done

  4. Très intéressant! Merci… :D

  5. Such a good topic to blog about. The holidays do become a crazy time where it seems as though there is not enough time to finish anything. I love your idea of making lists, setting goals, marking the calendar, and planning for the big discount days. Planning gives me such solace especially around this time of year!

  6. you’re awesome……i like “Lists” too…lol

  7. Agree!! Especially on the thought behind the gift– far more important than the value!


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