Day 10: Organizing Your Thoughts, De-cluttering Your Mind!


Day 10: Organizing Your Thoughts, De-Cluttering Your Mind is the final post to the 10 Days of Organization series!  This post is brought to you by a very special guest speaker who has discovered what it truly means to de-clutter your mind, first hand.  Check out the post below on tips to help de-clutter and de-stress your mind and body.


Day 10: Organizing Your Thoughts, De-cluttering Your Mind  

(Guest Post)


“I was lucky enough to stumble upon meditation when I needed it the most.  I’ll first share my journey on discovering mediation.

I was very stressed and all over the place. I had a lot of great ideas, concerns, worries, etc. I knew I wasn’t reaching my potential. My main goal was to start searching the web for stress reduction and time management techniques to better my life. Google here I come, lol.

I started by studying people who I admired and looked up to. What was their secret? What made them tick? Did they do something different from I was doing? One by one, I began looking into habits of successful people. Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges, Albert Einstein, Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, Russell Simmons, Phil Jackson, Steve Job and the list goes on. They all had one common trait. The all meditated. They all had their unique habits, lifestyles and talents. But they all meditated. I was instantly curious. Meditation was used by these great people to ease their minds and focus. My mind traveled at a thousand miles and hour, so to slow down would be a miracle for me. That is where my discovery of mediation began.

What is mediation? From what I have come to understand it, mediation is a technique that allows your mind to calm down. A great analogy for mediation is: every musician must first tune their instrument before they can perform. Your mind your greatest instrument in life. Mediation is tuning your mind for your day.

How To Meditate

There are many meditation techniques, but i’ll give you the basics:

  • Set a time to meditate. 5-15 minutes in the morning or in the evening. It’s up to you when you meditate. There are no rules. I like to meditate early in the morning, about 15 minutes after waking up.

  • Pick a comfortable and quite place to meditate. On the floor with a cushion, on a comfortable chair or in bed. Sit up with your back straight. Keeping a good posture will help with breathing. The key is to be as comfortable as possible. Relax your arms and legs. I like to meditate in bed, sitting up with a pillow on my back.

  • Focus on the breathing. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, in your nose, hold it for a few seconds and exhale out your mouth slowly. Take 3 of these deep breaths. Get the oxygen in your body. Now focus on your breathing. Feel the breath go in and out. You should start feeling relaxed.

  • Clear your mind and be self-aware. I must admit, it’s a little bit tough at first and takes a couple of sessions to master this. Thoughts will pop in your mind. Don’t worry, it’s normal. When a thought pops in your mind, acknowledge it’s there, then let it pass. The more times you meditate, the easier it gets. Don’t get frustrated, just try to relax and be at peace.


Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduces Stress (stress is terrible on the body physically)

  • Improves Memory

  • Improves Concentration

  • Increases the gray matter in your brain (good thing) From the NY Times

  • May Reduces heart related conditions (by reducing stress) From WebMD

  • Improves Creativity



This is the extremely short list of positive effects of mediation. I have personally felt all of the above benefits. The best part of mediation is: It doesn’t hurt you.

I hope I have introduced something great into your life. I feel like a different person after learning about meditation. Different in the sense that i’m more patient and don’t react negatively to situations. I’m able to gather my thoughts and act rationally. I’m more focused and determined than I have ever been.

I was skeptical myself, but in the end, I found a free tool to improve my quality of life. I hope you improve your’s too.

If you find this interesting or would like to hear more from me, i can write a follow-up post.

Thanks for reading!”


I hope you have enjoyed this organizational series.  If you tried at least one thing from any part of this series, then I have done my job!   Feel free to comment below about your thoughts on the 10 Days!

A very special thank you to Rui S. for being the special guest speaker for the 10th Day of Organization.

There are tons of great things coming to A Lot on Your Plate in the next up coming weeks so be sure to check back for that and some exciting news!

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  1. Great reminder! Over the summer, I began to meditate. I’d use chanting. This worked TREMENDOUSLY but then I quit! Silly me. I will definitely be meditating tonight, before bed :-)

    • alotonyourplate says:

      I have never tried chanting before, that’s a great tip! Do you feel it helps you stay focused? That use to be my biggest problem when I first started meditating. Thanks so much for the comment :)

  2. My mind could sure use some de-cluttering! I’m just not very good ay meditating…

    • alotonyourplate says:

      Aww, I use to feel the same way, it definitely takes a lot of practice and focus!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I used to meditate and fell out of the habit. I have been feeling disorganized and unable to focus lately. When I saw the title of Day 10, I opened it right away and was very pleasantly surprised! Thanks for the reminder!

    Julie (Gardengirl)

  4. I love this! A few weeks ago, I actually added a page to my site called Unclutter Your Mind and I’m working on posts for it as we speak! I think people forget to clean out their mental clutter. Thanks for this!

  5. I started meditating 2 years and found it to be a tremendous help in all areas of my life. It took a little practice but all you need is a few minutes a day. Recently I’ve been so busy and forgotten the benefits of meditation this is a great reminder to get started again. Thanks.

  6. Great post! I just blogged today about how I’ve started a daily meditation practice, and it’s been life-changing. It is the best way to declutter the mind. Love this! :)

  7. I try and meditate every morning for at least 3 minutes. Just listening to my breath sometimes. Thanks for the post and tips! Really helpful.

    • alotonyourplate says:

      That’s great!! It;s hard to get into a routine like that, but once you do, it feels awesome. Very inspiring.

  8. Thanks for the post and advice. You’re right, it’s the best way to mentally unclog.
    Meditation can be affirming and it’s challenging. Like exercise, when you stop, it can be hard to began again! But getting back in there. I’m just competing Deepak Choopra’s 21 day meditation challenge. Also use Marianne Williamson and Carolyn Myss’s morning and evening medications. (Carolyn’s are sometimes too long for me). You just have to find the one(s) that speak to you. Or, figure out that you can create your own mantras. Appreciate the wonderful reminders in your posts

  9. This comes at exacly the right moment for me!

  10. Oh how I need to do this. Been struggling with how to meditate for a while now. This post has encouraged me to keep at it. I guess as it becomes habit, I will get better at it and start reaping the rewards.

  11. Meditation can be so helpful. For me, it’s yoga that’s essential though, if I miss my regular practices, I’m not a happy camper. It’s all about slowing down and unwinding and all essential now, considering how stressed most people are. Great post and Love your graphic too!

  12. Love this post! People always forget that the mind is probably the most cluttered place – and it’s so hard to function with a million things running through your head…everyone should find what works to help calm them and clear their mind!

  13. Hi Jess,
    It wasn’t until recently I discovered the power of meditation and realized what a wonderful tool it is for restoring health and balance in the body. At first I found it quite difficult to clear my mind and focus, but like was said in the post above- – it does get easier with practice. What I have found to be most helpful is called a “So Hum” meditation. With each breath in you think “So” and with each breath out you think “Hum”. Seems to work well for me as far as focusing my mind. I will be using many of your tips above – great advise – wonderful blog!

  14. Great Tips!!!

  15. I really enjoyed your article. I have just purchased a meditation CD.

  16. Elya Simukka says:

    I think you explain meditation so simply, it sounds easy. Luckily, you admit the practice is a little more challenging than that. I first meditated while practicing yoga and I find it so refreshing. You make an excellent point to have grace for yourself if there are stray thoughts, to recognize them then release.

    There are a lot of simple guided meditations too. One quick example I like is to eat one item, such as a raisin, as slowly as possible and think of the raisins origin in terms of your senses. Imagine the farm, the land, the plant, weather, its sweetness, the hands that picked your raisin etc. and carry this magnification into your enjoyment of the raisin. Slowing down and appreciating the simplest things can reap such benefits!

  17. Have so enjoyed your article and will be recommencing meditation – so nice to make time for it in our busy worlds even if you only float away for five minutes in the day!!

  18. alotonyourplate says:

    Thank you so much, I appreciate the feedback :) Thank you for stopping by!!!


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