DIY: Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath Ornament

 DIY: Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath Ornament



bag of bells (0.4 inches or smaller sold at any craft store)

bag of chenille pipe cleaners in the color of your choice

roll of red ribbon (preferably 9.5 mm x 2.7 m)

roll of green ribbon (preferably 3mm x 9.1 m)

glue gun or crazy glue



 1. Take one bell and locate the notch on the top where you will be placing your pipe cleaner through.

2. Take one chenille pipe cleaner place one bell through the top notch where the insert is.

3. Repeat step two until you have placed enough bells on the pipe cleaner to form a full circle when you bring the ends together.

4. Once you can form a full circle with your pipe cleaner and bells, tie a knot with your pipe cleaner and tie off the pipe cleaner so the bells are secure.  Cut the excess pipe cleaner and squeeze the pipe cleaner so it is sealed off.

5.  With your red ribbon, tie a bow.

6.  Very carefully with glue, secure the box to the bottom of your jingle bell wreath, covering the part of the pipe cleaner you tied the knot with the most green showing.

7.  Take your green ribbon and loop it through the wreath.  Tie a knot at the top and use this as your hook.



  1. Hi Jess, thanks for liking my post The pantry at The Glen House! I’m loving your Christmas wreath ideas… They’ll be going on our tree for sure!!

  2. Nice! I’m making one of these next time I hit the craft store.

  3. Loving this, saw one just like this in a store for £5 recently.

  4. A very cute ornament — and so doable! I’ve also seen these hanging over doorknobs.


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