Hosting An Elegant New Years Party On A Budget!

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Hosting An Elegant New Year’s Party On A Budget!


Send out E-vites opposed to real paper invitations, requesting RSVP’s.  RSVP’s help you get a better understanding of how much food and beverages to purchase with out over or under doing it.  Having a head count can also help save you money by knowing how many supplies to purchase (such as party hats and utensils).


Make your own party hats!  This is not only a fun idea for the kids, but you can save some money and have fun doing it! These instructions for making your own one of a kind, New Years party hats come to us from  


Serve simple, yet elegant finger foods. Serving appetizers such as simple finger foods like cubed cheese and crackers make for a much more inexpensive party rather than hosting an actual New years dinner.  Appetizers are great for snacking throughout the night while waiting for the ball to drop.


Offer unique drink combos.  I always like to feature Pinterest for some great recipes.  Pinterest pinners come up with such unique cocktails and mocktail (non- alcoholic beverages) ideas that are most definitely outside the box.  Don’t forget to offer champagne for those who are not interested in cocktails and sparkling cider for the kids!


Purchase fun, affordable noise makers.  Online stores like Oriental Trading and sell inexpensive noise makers, perfect for bringing in the new year!


Check out your local dollar store for toss-able items.  The dollar stores in my area sells items for every occasion including New Years.  Napkins, plates and cups are great to purchase at your local dollar store.  Toss-able items not only make clean up a breeze, but allows you to not have to worry about something breaking.


Don’t forget the music!  All good parties need some music! You can use your iPod or programs likethe Apple iTunes,  SpotifyiHeart Radio and Aol Radio to get a New Years playlist going to set the tone for the party!


New Years decor and themes are some of the easiest to put together.  New Years is about having fun while preparing for a bigger and better year.  Thee is no specific color designated for New Years but when choosing the decor for your party, keep in mind some classic schemes like  black, gold and silver.


Balloons, balloons, balloons!  Balloons are such a cheap, yet chic way to transform a party space.  You can go with soft colored balloons for a whimsical party atmosphere  or bright, bold balloons to make the room pop (no pun intended)!


Have guests jot down their resolutions.  Everybody has them!  Discussing resolutions are fun icebreakers that help you get to know the other guests, although some prefer to keep resolutions to themselves.  Hand out pens and paper and have your guests write their resolutions down, date and sign them to keep for themselves.  Next year your guests can break out their written resolutions to see who kept theirs!


Watch the New Year Eve ball drop together!  This is the cheapest New Years tradition done by millions.  Remember to turn the television on a few minutes before midnight so your friends and family can watch the ball drop and bring in the New Year together!


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