Mini Cupcake & Brownie Hamburger Bites


Mini Cupcake & Brownie Hamburger Bites

Perfect for a barbecue or a themed party, these Mini Cupcake & Brownie Hamburger Bites are fun to make and fun to eat!

What you will need:

(1) box of Betty Crocker “Butter Recipe Yellow” cake mix

(1) box of Ghiradelli Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix

*ingredients may vary based on the type of cake & brownie mix you get

(4) eggs

1/3 cup of softened butter

1/3 cup of vegetable oil

non-stick pan spray

1 1/4 cup of water

(1) tube of red gel icing

(1) tube of green icing

*Optional: (1) tube of yellow icing, toothpicks.


You should start with the brownie mix, so while you baking the cupcakes, the brownies have time to cool.

1. Mix and bake the brownies as directed on the box. Once brownies are done, put aside to cool.


2. Mix and bake the cupcakes as directed on the box.  Once done, put aside to cool.


3. Once the brownies and cupcakes are cooled, using a small, circular cookie cutter, firmly stamp the cutter into the brownies, cutting completely through the brownies and removing the cutter.


4. Carefully remove the brownie from the cookie cutter and press down on the brownie to flatten it into a patty.


5.  Slice one cupcake in half horizontal, into 2 pieces.  (The cupcake slices will act as your bun).


6. Place the brownie patty on the bottom cupcake “bun”.

7. Take your red and green icing and apply to the brownie patty as if they were condiments for the burger.


8.  Top the brownie with the other half of the cupcake and a toothpick.


9. Enjoy!

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Happy Sunday!

– J


  1. Thanks, I’ll love this. I’m making them for my son’s birthday coming up, how fun!

  2. procurrent says:

    SO fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can’t beat easy, simple, and cute! Now I have to have a party so I can make these!

  4. oh my gosh! so cute- gotta do this. Thanks for all the fun ideas

  5. That is so cute and easy to do! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try it out for my next BBQ :)

  6. Wow, these look so impressive, yet so simple! Love it! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing, this is a brilliant way to make cakes. Love the photographs.

  8. Looks delicious! Very cute idea!

  9. Yum! This looks like such a great idea for a dessert at a backyard BBQ :) What did you make on the side?

  10. I must do this

  11. Those are so cute & the look delicious! I’m not much of a cook, but I really want to try these.

  12. These are such a cute idea for summer- and a smart idea so that you can portion and serve easily and not feel weighed down by taking a HUGE slice of dessert in the heat and humidity!

  13. Those are adorable! My mom would love to help me make those! Thanks for the idea!

  14. Such a super cute and fun idea! :) Great pics to explain how to do it, too!

  15. oh my goodness this is so cute!

  16. ADORABLE!!!

  17. Love your blog! Can’t wait to read more! The sweet hamburger photo made me look twice, they sure look like the real thing, what fun!

  18. Wow, creative, fun and delicious :-) Thank you!!

  19. Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog. This is such a cute idea. I’m thinking about making these for the 4th.

  20. So cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog – look forwards to more posts from you.

  21. This is such a cute idea! You have some really interesting and useful tips on your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by mine and following! I’m going to follow you back but it will on google reader so you won’t get a notification – but I will be reading. :) Keep up the good work!

  22. That is so unbelievably cute!


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