Eating Organic On A Budget

Eating Organic On A Budget


Eating organic can be expensive depending on what you buy and where you shop.  In reality, with these economic times, it can be tough to shop exclusively organic, even when its best for your family.  I am here to tell you that with the right strategy, shopping organic and all natural can be cheaper then ever.  Below are some budget friendly tips on how to shop organic for the family without spending a ton of money.


Use coupons.  Never be embarrassed to use coupons, that’s what they are there for!  Coupons are one of the best ways to get a bang for your buck.  Be sure to check your local papers and websites like to find the best deal on organic foods in your area.


Check the circulars.  Grocery stores and supermarkets run weekly specials in their circulars on what promotional deals they are having. Comparing prices on different organic items is one way to go about shopping organic on a budget.


Grow your own.  If you have the space and proper accessories and tools, growing your own organic fruits and vegetables is definitely worth it.


Buy the generic version of an organic brand.  More and more grocery stores are starting to carry their own lines of organic products.


Look for mark downs.  Just because a product is marked down, it doesn’t make it a bad product.  Some items get marked down if they are close to the “sell by” date.  Others are marked down just because they are on sale.  Check for marked down products, you may find a steal.


Shop closeout and discount stores.  More and more stores like the Christmas Tree Shop, Big Lots, and even dollar stores are offering organic products.


Buy in bulk and stockpile.  If you do not have a lit of room in your home, designate one cabinet or shelf to form a mini stock pile of organic products you buy in bulk from stores like Costco, BJ’s and Sams Club.  Stockpiles are great for having reserves on deck when you run out of a specific item.


Buy products when the price is low and freeze.  The freezer can be your best friend.  Buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they are on sale and freeze for later use.


Check out your local farmers markets.  Check for farmers markets in your area to find the freshest fruits and vegetables for the best prices.


How do you save money when buying organic products?  Feel free to comment below and be sure to check back for more budget friendly tips from A Lot on Your Plate!


  1. I love organic gardening and am sharing everything I know on my latest blog – I also love this site – – put in your zip code and find all the local places to buy produce, meat and fowl. And many of them are organic. Oh, and I love your blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree – eating organic can be affordable, you just have to work a bit more at it. In addition to your great tips, I like to just look around and see what organic fare is on sale, and just build your weekly menu around sale items. Bonus: often things that are on sale are the ones in season (abundant), and what’s in season, is also more nutritious. Also, creative use of leftovers!! :)

  3. Excellent article! Organic foods are so expensive. I have been attempting to grow herbs and some veggies. And I love the markets.

  4. Just loved almost everything here.. Amazing website.

  5. Hello! Thanks so much for following my blog so that I could find you!! Haha, loving your site! I so wish I could affor to buy all organic. We live in a flat with a little balcony but try to plant staples every spring such as lettuce, tomatoes etc. moving into a house next year though and can’t wait to get a big ‘ol veggie garden happening!! I really want to plant my own cucumbers because I eat so many and apparently they are covered in food grade wax :S eeeek. Anyhoo, awesome work here! Can’t wait to look around some more! -Sarah :)

  6. great post, good tips!! this is probably linked somehow with, but and are great coupon sources for natural product!

  7. Excellent article. I didn’t realize that stores like Big Lots offered organic products. I’ll have to drop in and check the store here. I afree with Casey that mambro Sprouts is a great site for coupons on organic prducts.

  8. This is an excellent article… Great tips !! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Great tips! I buy my organic milk at Costco. You might not normally associate Costco with organic food, but like you say, buying in bulk definitely helps you save some cash!


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