Ways To Budget When You’re Expecting!

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Ways To Budget When You’re Expecting!


Start stocking up now.  It is never too soon to start gathering everything you need for your new addition.  Use your discretion. If you see an item on sale for a limited time and you know you are going to need it, purchase it now, if you feel like this item will be in stock for a while or will go down in price, wait.  Getting prepared early is great for helping reduce stress towards the end of the pregnancy however, this little trick does not pertain to all items.  It is NOT recommended to begin purchasing any liquids or perishable items too soon in advance.  These items should be purchased closer to the due date to avoid spoiling and becoming unsafe for your child.


Buy in bulk.  If you have the space, items such as diapers and wipes are great items to stock pile.  If you do not belong to a discount club (super stores that sell their items in bulk), look into a possible  “free trial membership” in which you get a temporary card that is usually good for 30 days.


Create a baby registry.  Don’t be afraid to ask for everything you may need for the new baby, after all, that’s what registry’s are for. These days, it is a known fact that items for a baby such as a crib and changing table could cost a small fortune. Register for every item you may need. If an item is expensive, this allows your friends and family a chance to team up and purchase this item together.


Where to register.  Register in stores where coupons are easily accessible to your family and friends.  Baby stores such as Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us are constantly mailing out coupons as well as featuring great deals daily.


Do your research.  Did you know more and more stores are beginning to accept competitor coupons as well as other store coupons owned by the same company?  For example, Buy Buy Baby is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond resulting in Buy Buy Baby accepting Bed Bath and Beyond coupons as long as they are not expired.  The same goes for many other stores, so do your research, see where you can use your coupons.


Use your gift cards wisely.  Fact: Most baby stores do not allow you to use coupons on diapers and formula. Although gift cards are fun to spend, there is a way to stretch their use out and use it to its fullest potential.  Save most of  your gift cards (because its okay to splurge just a little) for the formula and diapers and try use coupons for everything else.


Stick to the basics.  It is easy to get carried away when you see all the precious and handy baby stuff these stores carry, however it is important to remember that these items begin to add up.  For now, when you are first getting started, stick to the basics and get exactly what you need.  Place the rest of your wish list on the registry.  If you still do not receive the item you want or the item is a limited edition, than you get the green light to purchase!


Get financially set.  Start a budget.  Check out my tips and tricks to help you begin to start saving money.  You can also check out my other tips on budget for the holidays, dinners, parties, and more by clicking here!


Make checklists!  Checklists are a great way to keep track of goals.  These lists can be made up of anything from steps to take to getting the nursery ready to tasks you still need to get done and more!


Start a savings account for your child.  As soon as the new arrival is here, began saving for his or her future.  With just a couple of dollars (weekly or bi-weekly, which ever you can afford), you can start your child off on the right foot financially.  Once they are old enough, you can continue show them how to save and live budget friendly lives themselves, all while teaching them the value of a dollar!


Get organized.   The more organized you and your home are, the better of an understanding you will have of knowing what items you already have opposed to what other items you will need as well as how much space you have.  This always pertains to getting paperwork together, getting your insurance in order, having your walk through at the hospital where the baby is being delivered, and other important tasks.  For a step by step guide on organizing your home and your life before the new baby’s arrival or to just get yourself organized in general, check out my latest eBook, by clicking the image below.



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